Postals de Nadal a 4ESO

L’alumnat de 4ESO ha dibuixat postals de Nadal amb el lema “Un consum responsable”

Aquí en teniu uns exemples, i aprofitem per a desitjar-vos Bones Festes!





In 1ESO, we’ve recently worked on a creative project called Tangram Stories for the subject of Art. It consisted on three different parts. First, we had to create two animals with different pieces of a Tangram. Then, we had to stick two of those animals on our drawing workbook and to draw a specific background for them. Finally, we developed a short-story in English with the animals as main characters situated in the specific background we designed in class.

Have a look at our stories, you can download some here:

Short Story- The Bird and The Bat

Short Story- The Geese and The Rain

Short Story- The Rabbit and the Camel


Check our drawings with the backgrounds we created:


Nicole_Cera Laura_Fdez