Cool Notebooks

Last week the students of Art started a new project called Cool Notebooks. This activity consisted on creating a customized personal notebook they’re going to use in class. In this project students had to decorate the cover of their notepad with recycled material they brought to school. They had to use their imagination to elaborate a creative personal diary that represented them.

Throughout the course they are going to use it as an artist notebook. In this notepad they will have to make drafts of their drawings, stick important material or even decorate pages where they can let their inspiration flow.

Have a look at some of their notepads!



Are our personal objects giving information about ourselves?

In Art we’ve recently made some activities related with portraits and self portraits. Yesterday we talked about the artist Galimberti, a photographer who made an interesting project called “Toy Stories” that consisted in a collection of photographs about children with their toys.
The activity we did was to take photos of our personal objects we have inside our backpacks, deciding their position and the photos’ edition.
Finally we answered the following question: Are our personal objects giving information about ourselves?
Here you can see some pictures of the activity:1ESOA Andrea Castells Sánchez_26135_assignsubmission_file_image 1ESOA Joan Olaf Subirachs Garcia_26110_assignsubmission_file_image1ESOA Sara Gómez Pérez_26108_assignsubmission_file_image 1ESOA Marina Lana Cadenas_26118_assignsubmission_file_image1ESOA Adrián Garcia Parera_26152_assignsubmission_file_image

Postals de Nadal a 4ESO

L’alumnat de 4ESO ha dibuixat postals de Nadal amb el lema “Un consum responsable”

Aquí en teniu uns exemples, i aprofitem per a desitjar-vos Bones Festes!





In 1ESO, we’ve recently worked on a creative project called Tangram Stories for the subject of Art. It consisted on three different parts. First, we had to create two animals with different pieces of a Tangram. Then, we had to stick two of those animals on our drawing workbook and to draw a specific background for them. Finally, we developed a short-story in English with the animals as main characters situated in the specific background we designed in class.

Have a look at our stories, you can download some here:

Short Story- The Bird and The Bat

Short Story- The Geese and The Rain

Short Story- The Rabbit and the Camel


Check our drawings with the backgrounds we created:


Nicole_Cera Laura_Fdez