Dia de la ciència i la tecnologia

Ahir els alumnes de secundària i batxillerat van exposar els seus treballs i tallers científics als alumnes de primària. En una jornada dedicada al turisme sostenible els alumnes van parlar del canvi climàtic, d’energies renovables, de contaminació de les aigües, d’extinció d’espècies, entre altres.

I no només això, també van poder assistir a xerrades i tallers amb experts que van venir voluntàriament a compartir els seus coneixements amb nosaltres. Moltes gràcies a tots ells per posar el seu granet de sorra!

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1 Origami 1 euro

Ja has fet la teva grua per La Marató? Recorda que pots agafar el dibuix que més t’agradi, escriure un desig, decorar-lo al teu gust i ja està llest per fer el teu Origami en forma de grua!20171123_11061520171123_110600

Back to Barcelona

What an exciting journey it has been so far! We have nothing but kind words to our german friends. Thank you for treating us with so much love. It has been an amazing week we won’t forget.

We come back to Barcelona with lots of great memories from the exchange. We are willing to get ready for the second part in Olesa. We really hope you can enjoy your visit here as much as we did in Germany.

See you very soon 🙂

Students and teachers from Daina-Isard school





Yesterday we landed at Hamburg Airport. We could finally meet our new friends from Trittau and so we can say that the third exchange has officially started.

Today our hosts have prepared a welcoming ceremony for us at school. We’ve also met the best sights and important authorities of this beautiful town. It’s been great visiting the iconic watermill and meeting the mayor at the council with our exchange partners.

We are happy and excited to start this whole new adventure. We can’t wait to visit Hamburg tomorrow!






English Day was a success!  The annual event had all students involved. Everyone celebrated the importance of the English language through engaging exercises. Ranging from the Stone Age to modern and futuristic times, students were able to become creative with such activities like designing their own pirate telescopes and coat of arms. 
The students from  1ESO were responsible for the Stone Age period. They  presented the importance of the Stone Age weapons and taught the younger primary students how to make a bow and arrow from only an ice pop stick, dental floss and cotton buds. Other students presented the importance of the rock art as the origin of human emotions in art and the last group had the younger students paint their very own rocks while helping them colour it according to how they feel that day. 
2ESO created activties from the Middle Ages. Similarily to 1ESO, the four groups had a wide range of fun activities for the younger students. From presenting the importance of the Middle Ages, to creating a cardboard castle, students were able to design their own coat of arms and sundial, the earliest way of telling time, created from paper plates.
The 3ESO students taught the other students about the Roman Times. Such activities like a game based on Roman numerals was a hit! Students enjoyed the Roman jewlery craft and became experts on the Roman army. How cool are these?
Ahoy Matey! Lets become pirates for a day! 4ESO students had a lot of fun teaching the others about pirates! They designed their own activities from creating eyepatches to pirate telescopes and treasure maps.
1batxillerat taught the students about the Modern Age and futuristic times through the creation of an escape room and hangman game with vocabulary from the Modern Age. Students also had the chance of becoming painters of the Modern Age by recreating their own art. 
English Day has become a fantastic way to get the entire school involved. All students enjoyed the celebration and learnt about the time periods of history while having a blast!  Fantastic job!


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Més dia de les mates!

L’alumnat d’ESO i Batxillerat ha continuat fent activitats durant tot el dia! Membres del Zetam^(-1) han realitzat activitats per primària, 1 ESO a fet màgia amb el mag Arnau (alumne del Daina), 2 i 3 ESO ha après a fer matemàgia amb el matemàtic Sergio Belmonte (professor i mag) i Batxillerat a parlat de tipologies d’infinits amb el matemàtic Jordi Delgado (doctorant de la UPC de Manresa). Gràcies als col·laboradors, alumnat i professors, tots hem acabat gaudint molt del dia!