Vídeo resum Daina-Trittau

At the beginning of the month some 3rd ESO students travelled to Trittau to take part in the second exchange Daina-Trittau. This following video highlights some of the best moments of the trip.


Espai d’art obert

Els alumnes de 4 ESO estan aprenent a dibuixar naturaleses mortes a partir de l’observació i de la tècnica del llapis.

Els nous espais del Daina Isard ens permeten fer aquestes activitats d’una manera més lliure.

Flying Back Home

Today it’s our last day here in Trittau. We have nothing but kind words to our German hosts. It’s been an amazing week and we have enjoyed every single moment with you. Many thanks to all the families for treating us so well, you were very kind and we felt like home.

We would also like to thank all the teachers participating in this exchange, Ms. Gudrun, Ms. Sonia and Ms. Christina. Your implication and organisation throughout this week has been excellent.

We can’t wait to get ready for the second part of the exchange and welcome you with open arms in Barcelona.

Fins aviat amics! See you soon! Auf Wiedersehen und bis bald!



Last Weekend in Trittau

We couldn’t start the weekend any better! Yesterday we visited Lütjensee, a very nice town next to Trittau. We enjoyed a lovely excursion near the lake and a thrilling minigolf competition. We had such a good time!

Later in the evening, we celebrated a farewell party with our German friends. We prepared typical catalan food and danced the day away with some music.

This is our last weekend here. We can’t wait to visit Hansa Park, a famous theme park in this area! Keep you updated on Monday!







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Heute: Ausflug nach Hamburg

Today we went to Hamburg. It was an exciting day in which we visited most of the important parts of the city. One of the teachers from Trittau was our mentor. She showed us the city hall, the old harbor and one of the most famous icon, Sankt Michaeliskirche, a famous church with a 105 meter tower. We also sailed the Elbe river on a ferry and finally enjoyed a tasty ice-cream on our way back to Trittau.

Have a look at the pictures!



Lübeck und Travemünde

Today we made the most of a lovely sunny day. We visited two different cities, Lübeck and Travemünde.

In Lübeck we enjoyed an amazing tour around the old town. We also learnt a lot of information about the city and we enjoyed its unique medieval sights.

Later we went to Travemünde, the Trave river mouth into the Baltic Sea. In this nice port we had dinner at the beach and walk around the promenade.

We can’t wait to visit Hamburg tomorrow! Auf Wiedersehen und bis morgen.

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Daina-Trittau Exchange

We are very happy to inform that the Daina-Trittau Exchange started yesterday. We landed at Hamburg Airport around 15:00. There, we could finally meet our partners from Germany.

Today it’s been an exciting first day. We visited the school and met the mayor at the City Hall. We also enjoyed the best sights of the city while walking around with our new friends. It’s been a great start to this whole new adventure.

Have a look at some pictures!


Últim dia de curs

Com que encara ens queda energia, els alumnes de 1r d’ESO ens hem preparat uns jocs i un bon tiberi per l’últim dia de curs. A més a més, les nostres tutores ens han preparat unes llibretetes perquè ens puguem escriure dedicatòries.


Bones vacances!

Presentació dels videojocs KODU

Avui l’alumnat de 4ESO d’informàtica ha presentat els seus videojocs els betatesters més exigents, l’alumnat de 6EP. Aquests últims s’han encarregat de donar la seva opinió sobre els videojocs i què millorarien de cada un d’ells. Entre tots els jocs, podem trobar diferents gèneres, així com carreres, acció, plataformes, estratègia i fins i tot, un joc de zombies que funciona amb els comandaments de la Playstation.